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Mike Sparr

Hi Paul,

I have to say that I agree with you completely, and it's no surprise that I'm betting the farm on that fact (sms growth and not edged out by voice), quite literally (being in Montana and all, ha ha). I'm pleased to see how your blog has developed and there is some great content, interviews and resources.

We are "elbow deep" in 2-way mobile messaging and our technology platform continues to develop. Soon we will embrace MMS as the remaining US operators follow suit with Verizon. I am told that pix messaging to Short Codes (CSC) will be available late Q1 2008, potentially Q2 2008 and this opens up doors in the consumer retail space.

So, rest assured, you do have readers who do agree with your sentiments and some people are giving a long, hard look at MMS, SMS and what it will offer in the future.

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