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Paul Ruppert

Thanks very much for your comment, Efi. Clearly we both believe in "seamless mobility," the concept that a mobile consumer should be able to route from node to node (tethered web to mobile web) or network to network (WAN to WiFi) without any disruption to their experience. In an IP world, intelligence will always shift to the edge of the network. The same with devices and services. Thus a service layer that spans different network types will be a needed in more complex scenarios. The Mobile Holy Grail. Something I can write about in the future. Thanks again for participating in the dialogue. Hope others join in as well.

Efi Ben Moshe

Paul, as usual your posts are very enlightening.
I really think mobile & web fusion will be a win-win situation for both consumers & service/content providers.

While the consumers will get complete and enhanced communication products for their "New" social life, the service/content providers will have a billable platform as a base for developing great products. As a result the consumers will enjoy enhanced and on going development of new mobile web services while the service/content providers will eventually see revenues in large scale.

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